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Product Principles

Kevin J. Hanna
Product Manager | Creator

3 principles adopted by Intercom to build products with repeatable successful outcomes, and why I think they work.

💡 Focus on the problem

Invest tons of time in understanding the problem instead of jumping straight to the solution. Once you thoroughly understand the problem, all the answers will come off easily.

🦄 Dream big but start small

Envision the big picture, and the maximum viable product.

Break everything into smaller pieces and only start with the first small (cohesive) step. This will help you reduce the time to market and start receiving feedback faster.

🛳 Ship to Learn

Ship it! Only when real users are experiencing your new feature will you prove your hypothesis and discover all the unknown unknowns there are out there.

This doesn’t mean you should deliver a half-assed product! Make sure that you deliver something you are proud of and provides value to your customers 🙌

Published on August, 2019

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