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Becoming An Efficient Writer

Published on January, 2022
Kevin J. Hanna
Building Stacked | Hummus & Tech host

This month alone I will have written 10x more than the last 12 months combined!

I’ll share the trick I’m using to become a more efficient writer.

It all comes from splitting the process in two exclusive steps: writing and editing.

It’s a common writing technique that we beginners aren’t aware of.
It boosts your speed, clarity and quality.

#1: Writing

The first step is pouring your thoughts into the paper as soon as they come.

It’s fine to make grammar or content mistakes.
Don’t let your logical brain get in your way.

That means you are not allowed to:

Just write, let it flow.
Once you have your first draft, you can now move on to the next stage.

#2: Editing

Switch your mindset, and start from the top.

At this point you are not the writer any more, be a ruthless editor.
But don’t stay too long at it — remember to hit “PUBLISH”. -

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