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Wrapping up Season 2

Published on July, 2020
Kevin J. Hanna
Building Stacked | Hummus & Tech host

We’ve just wrapped up the second season of Hummus and Tech. Honestly, I didn’t know hosting a podcast would give me the opportunity to meet such talented people and learn from them.

Every episode is packed with challenges our guests faced and insightful advice for our listeners (and for me!).

Magali Bursztyn THANK YOU for opening these doors, and being an amazing co-host!

Top-notch guests = top-notch lessons:

Margot Touitou - find YOUR voice
Lauren Glass - on being data-driven
Pamela Pompas - it’s ok to rebrand yourself
Alex Ingberg - be resilient and play the long game
David Schumann - leadership is not only learned at work
Benjamin Aronov - how to help junior devs in their careers
Amy Albertson - using social media like a pro
Gaby - leveraging tech for the social good
Eden Adler - be the role model you’d have looked up to
Barak Shachnovitz & Sivan Felder - be committed and just start (or press record)
Avigayil Lewin - grit and passion lead to success
Shelbi Lifshitz - using sales superpowers in everyday life
Leora Golomb - discover your X-factor
Maia Budman & Ezequiel Hornstein - WFH during Corona
Lia Cromwell - how the VC world works
Ian Mark & Bracha - it’s all about the community

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