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On Being A Curator

Published on September, 2020
Kevin J. Hanna
Building Stacked | Hummus & Tech host

I’ve been fantasizing about having a blog for a while now. I knew having one would encourage me to express myself, to explore ideas and share it with others.

Funny thing is I almost didn’t start one. I didn’t like the idea of having an empty blog. A blog without content felt like inviting friends home without me actually being there to host them. “There’s food in the fridge, have fun!”

We always need to start somewhere. It’s true.
I’ve heard it a hundred times, I’ve preached it a thousand more. An interesting thought, though, is that the starting point doesn’t necessarily have to be zero.

For me that meant taking a different approach to launching my blog. Instead of being a writer, I would be a curator. A curator, typically in a museum, is in charge of identifying items, building up collections and organizing exhibitions.

For the past 10 years I’ve been working at bootstrapped and growth-stage startups, I’ve created successful (and failed) products, and done a bunch of other related stuff. I’ve been documenting some of these milestones on Linkedin articles, Medium posts, Youtube videos and even Blogger and Tumblr blogs.

All that content I’ve posted over the years was lost behind “walled gardens” and feeds of time past. As a curator, I scoured through the internet looking for my past archives and selecting what was worth of sharing in this new blog.

That’s how I launched this project, and most importantly I’m already accomplishing my initial goal! I didn’t want a blog for the sake of a blog but to start writing, exploring ideas and sharing it with others.

You see, I’ve written this new post, explored an idea and shared it with you.

Now, getting back to you. If you are starting any new project, yes, you need to start somewhere. Just remember, the starting point doesn’t need to be zero.

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