Kevin J. Hanna
hola!​ I'm Kevin

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, now living in Tel Aviv.

I work as a product manager, and create stuff as a hobby.

Let me share with you what I learn along the way :)

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👉 On Being A Curator

👉 Reset. Start New Game

👉 Make Others Successful

Side Projects / Hobbies

I create side projects for fun, to improve my skills and to help others.

You can head over to my Linkedin if you are curious about my professional journey.

Hummus and Tech Podcast
Hummus and Tech Podcast

The first podcast for Olim interested in the Israeli Hi-Tech industry.

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Learn Hebrew vocabulary effortlessly while browsing the web.

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Help aspiring product managers get into Product Management

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I love painting watercolors​, mainly scenes from Tel Aviv or medieval stuff.

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I'll be honest. I just wanted to try this new format and this is what I came up with.



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