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3 Mistakes That Will Stop You From Launching Your Company’s Podcast

Published on January, 2022
Kevin J. Hanna
Building Stacked | Hummus & Tech host

Podcasting helps companies in their recruiting, marketing or career development efforts.

I’ve been podcasting for a while with “Hummus and Tech”, and experienced a few failed attempts at podcasting inside a company.

These are 3 mistakes to avoid early on when planning your company’s podcast project.

Mistake #1: Not having a purpose

Podcasting for the sake of podcasting is fine for individuals. At a company level it must follow a business goal.

Before you do any work, sit down with the manager that put forward the initiative and define its purpose: What are we trying to achieve?

Without it, the company will probably cancel the show early on.

Mistake #2: Forming a podcast committee

Forming a committee to manage the podcast will make it never see the light of day.

To make things happen, assign one responsible as the producer (it’s ok that the producer is not the host). Their job will be to bring a diverse mix of people from different departments to brainstorm about it. Name, format, logo, guests, etc.

That person needs to make the final decisions and move along with it.

Mistake #3: Making it about your company

Listeners tolerate low quality mics, funny accents, and hosts without humor. But they will STOP listening if the content is ego-fueled about how cool your company or product is.

You can avoid that by interviewing guests with interesting points of view. Even if they are not using your product there are lots of insights they can share with your audience.

That’s what your listeners care about. It’s why they will respect your company and why they’ll share the episode with others.

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