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2019 Retrospective

Published on January, 2020
Kevin J. Hanna
Building Stacked | Hummus & Tech host

Last year was challenging and over-ambitious. Like a rollercoaster, it had its ups and downs. As part of my process to get back to myself and feel recharged I’ve decided to focus and share my wins of 2019.

These are some moments when the roller coaster went high up! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

  1. Kicked off 2019 with friends and family
  2. Met a LOT of interesting and cool people, and learned TONS from them
  3. Made new good friends
  4. Got plenty of beautiful visits from all around the world
  5. Finally made Aliyah
  6. Started Hummus and Tech Podcast with encouraging feedback by fellow Olim
  7. Got an award from Google For Startups as Top Creator 2019, and a mention from Tel Aviv Presents
  8. Learned to paint watercolors, started tracking my progress at @telavivcolors, and even hosted a painting workshop
  9. Found jobs in Israel for 2 of my friends
  10. Recorded 4 videos and posted 6 articles about Product Management on Linkedin.
  11. Began writing a book about Getting into Product Management. Got to 55% done.
  12. Flew to Prague, Lviv, Barcelona, Thailand and Greece for work
  13. Was trusted with leading key products at work
  14. Helped host Guesty’s first-ever Hackathon
  15. Launched LazyHebrew.com in two weekends
  16. Was featured on @Merakio Podcast (Argentinian top influencer)
  17. Went back to Argentina for my best friend’s wedding and a much-deserved family reunion
  18. Gave 2 talks for olim, and 2 other about working as a Product Manager
  19. Did “screen fasting” for a few weekends (no phones, no computers)

Don’t get fooled. I don’t.
These are only the bragging moments that we are used to reading on social media.

Last year, was also a year of things that didn’t happen, or happen in excess. Things that broke down or that I lost.

I overthought, I wasn’t present, I ran in circles, I over-stressed, couldn’t achieve and couldn’t express.

Going over them is also part of the process.

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